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Easy Flower Arrangement Tips

Flowers can really add a beautiful element to your home. Besides the aesthetic appeal, there are also plenty of other reasons why you should consider decorating your home with flowers. Among their many benefits include; providing fresh air by filtering and cleaning out toxins and providing a natural scent and fragrance that instantly elevates the mood. Perhaps this is the reason why some bouquets can be so expensive, and can only been seen around luxurious condos such as to rent property G residence KL or rent pantai hillpark bangsar south.

However, you don’t have to be a professional florist in order to effectively arrange flowers, with these helpful tips you can make beautiful bouquets to highlight the interior of your home, or present to your loved ones.

This may seem like an obvious tip, but that is only because it is the most crucial one. You should place your flowers in a vase filled with water almost immediately. Along with tap water, be sure to also include flower preservatives to make them last longer. You can also make your own flower preservatives using simple homemade ingredients like sugar, bleach, lime juice and water.

You should also water your flowers as often as possible. An easy way to do this is by filling an old spray bottle with water and spritzing it all over your flowers. Also keep in mind of the water, as some flowers require warm water to fully bloom.

Cut off the Stems
Be sure to chop the bottom of its stems especially if the flowers have been dry for some time. This is because contaminated materials can collect on top of the stems, and can spread till the rest of the vase or container. Furthermore, cutting at an angle increases the stem’s surface area which helps flowers absorb water more easily and prevents damage. After the initial cut, trim the stems every few days to allow clean water absorption and ensures longevity for your flowers. Be sure to even trim the excess leaves that are prone to falling off.

Floral Foam
Ever wondered how florists keep their flowers looking so fresh for such a long period of time? The secret is floral foam. It is essentially an extremely lightweight material that provides constant moisture to your flowers and holds them together. Floral foam can be cut in almost any shape imaginable, and retains enough water to keep the flowers hydrated for a long time. Floral foam also provides strength to the stems, enabling more flexibility with your flower arrangements.


When it comes to choosing what kind of flowers to pick for your vase, or how to compose them you should always start with bigger ones and place them in the middle. Then you can fill in the sides with smaller ones but make sure to leave enough space for them to be seen and avoid looking too clustered together. You should also opt for flowers of different colours, stem lengths and sizes to create an overall beautiful result. Properties such as pantai hillpark bangsar southseni mont kiara kuala lumpur and residence kuchai lama generally are surrounded with flowers.